Geliefdes van Addicts

Die trauma wat ‘n vrou beleef wanneer sy ontdek dat haar lewensmaat gereeld na pornografie gekyk het, is soortgelyk aan ‘n motorkaping.  Vele huwelike het hieroor al skipbreuk gely.  Dit hoef nie die geval met jou huwelik te wees nie.   As jy al hierdie ontnugterende ontdekking gemaak het, oorweeg om gebruik te maak van die volgende hulpmiddels, opgestel deur mense wat die dieselfde teleurstelling en skok moes verwerk.

Hope After Betrayal: Healing When Sexual Addiction Invades Your Marriage (2007) deur Meg Wilson

Written from first-hand experience, this amazingly open book offers hope and healing for women who have been hurt by their husband's sexual addiction. .

A House Interrupted :  (2011) deur Maurita Corcoran 

Maurita Corcoran's world collapsed when she learned that her husband, a successful physician, was a sex addict. She had never even heard of a "sex addict," but she was suddenly submerged in a world of painful choices about how to rebuild a life for herself and her four children. This is an absorbing memoir about forgiveness, resilience, and hope. With the growing public awareness of how pervasive sex addiction has become in our culture, this memoir answers the questions that spouses must face in building lives of self-respect and confidence .


Mending a Shattered Heart :  A Guide for Partners of Sex Addicts (2011) deur Jennifer P. Schneider, Joe Kort, Robert Weiss and Stefanie Carnes

Experts now know that discovering a loved one's sex addiction is a traumatic event, requiring specialized guidance. This second edition of Mending a Shattered Heart reframes the therapeutic discussion around how to decide to stay with or leave a sex addict and how to address common questions that partners have.  It offers readers the best expertise available on how to begin the painful road of personal recovery from the trauma of discovering their partner is a sex addict.


Your Sexually Addicted Spouse:   How Partners Can Cope and Heal (2009) deur Barbara Steffens, Marsha Means

Sexual addictions and compulsive sexual behaviour are growing societal problems, with as many as three to six percent of the world population affected. Your Sexually Addicted Partner shatters the stigma and shame that millions of men and women carry when their partners are sexually addicted. They receive little empathy for their pain, which means they suffer alone, often shocked and isolated by the trauma. Barbara Steffens' ground-breaking new research shows that partners are not co-dependents but post-traumatic stress victims, while Marsha Means' personal experience provides insights, strategies, and critical steps to recognize, deal with, and heal partners of sexually addicted relationships. First-hand accounts and stories reveal the impact of this addiction on survivors' lives. Chapters end with “On a Personal Note” questions and propose new paths that lead from trauma to empowerment, health, and hope. Useful appendices list health and mental health  care providers and clergy .


Love You, Hate the Porn:  Healing a Relationship Damaged by Virtual Infidelity (2011) deur  Mark Chamberlain, Geoff Steurer

A pornography addiction can feel like real infidelity to a spouse. There’s nothing virtual about the damage done to a relationship, and the wounds are reopened each time a relapse is discovered. As tough as it is to overcome this addictive habit, healing a marriage damaged by pornography is even harder. For spouses, it’s not enough for their partners to simply stop looking at porn. They need healing themselves. Some couples separate and divorce. Others stay together, but the strain of unresolved feelings takes a distinct toll. Many wonder, Can our marriage heal? Will we ever feel close again? Love You, Hate the Porn shows couples how to identify and address vulnerabilities in their relationship. Offers healing advice for spouses. Provides help for the struggling partner to avoid relapse. Focuses on how to make the marriage relationship stronger than it was before .


Partners Of The Chronically Unfaithful (gratis artikel) deur Bill Herring 

A person in a committed long-term relationship who learns that his or her partner has engaged in multiple acts of sexual betrayal will find few places to turn for emotional support and objective guidance. There are many challenges to address in order to heal from the wounds of repetitive sexual deception, and this article will provide much-needed information and valuable perspectives.


Infidelity Survivors Anonymous:  ‘n aanlyngemeenskap vir diegene wat huweliks-ontrou beleef 

Gaan kyk gerus na die lys van hulpmiddels wat hulle geskikbaar stel.

Tony Lister het ook ‘n gratis audio program vir vroue van pornografieverslaafdes.


PornAddictHubby bied ondersteuning aan vroue en vriendinne van pornografieverslaafdes.


Hulpmiddels is ook beskikbaar vir egpare, sodat hulle saam die trauma kan verwerk.



Breaking Free From Sex Addiction :  Helping Him Overcome Pornography (2009) deur C. Darland, L. Stone

This interactive workbook takes a couple step-by-step through the healing process, where one has been struggling with pornography addiction .


Love and Pornography :  Dealing with Porn and Saving your Relationship (2009) deur Victoria Prater, Garry Prater 

Love and Pornography chronicles a couple's struggle to find the openness, honesty and integrity to deal with a subject that is detested by some yet captivating, even compulsive to others. The authors' compassionate nonjudgmental message will defuse the polarized dialogue around porn. Providing the tools to understand the needs on both sides, this ground-breaking approach promotes the insight and awareness necessary to move beyond the conflict and emerge with a relationship stronger, more loving, and more resilient than ever before .


Hulpmiddels vir ouers, waar kinders verslaaf geraak het aan pornografie

Kinders is nie gevrywaar van die blootstelling aan pornografie nie.  Die jonger generasie word juis deur die pornografie-industrie geteiken, siende dat hulle die kliënte van die toekoms is.

As jy onrustig voel oor jou kinders se blootstelling aan pornografie, kyk gerus na die volgende hulpmiddels.

  • Safe Families het ‘n lys van hulpmiddels wat die moeite werd is om na te kyk.  Besoek ook hul webwerf.
  • Tony Lister het ‘n gratis audio program vir die ouers van pornografieverslaafdes. 





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